UFO: THE MOVIE (A Director's Quest for Story Over Special Effects)


 We've decided to go with the triangular shaped UFO so now the rendering can begin.
It is of high importance that the effects are never apparent and it look as natural as possible.  As long as we follow the accidental dramatic template Jaws presented, it should work out.  The real question, and this is where we welcome comments, is how would you react if it hovered over your hilltop house?  PLEASE COMMENT BELOW:

Recreating the UFO encounter so that it looks authentic while still being dramatic is proving challenging.   It is vital that we don't cross over into self-indulgent fantasy here.   The big question is how much of the UFO will actually see screen time at all,  as this is a character driven piece with the majority taking place in and around one small house in the mountains.   Less is more is a good rule for effects shots in low budget film-making.  The real special effects will result from the quality of the performances.  We've seen it work several times in the past 20 years;  what separates them from the average is the honesty of the storyline and the performances.  

After a brief encounter early in the day the couple in the hill top house decide it will make for great
conversation at the evening's party.  After sunset people gather outside and survey the stars, cracking jokes about abduction and secret government projects.  Then the crickets stop.  Soon after that the pets start to shiver and bark.  Candles and flashlights are followed by crying and frustration as well as violent action as the group deals with the unwanted invaders.  

Until the imminent Full Disclosure the best single source of new evidence is us, the observer.
Remember to roll your head a few times every ten minutes to avoid the dreaded 'Observer-Lock'.
This position, though optimum for viewing the night sky, can be troublesome when trying to operate a motor vehicle or sign important documents.  As any experienced observer will attest,
the best time to see UFOs is at night.  Most importantly, use a tripod and set your focus to manual and infinity.  If you need to fine tune your focus on the object it's much easier than fighting with the auto settings.  More clips of UFO: THE MOVIE will be available here shortly, so in the mean time be sure to get a J.A.F.O. (Just Another Fucking Observer) hat and continue to log hours under the stars.  The best way to observe is to sit back to back with a fine sheila and share some smoke.   UFOs seem to be most prevalent under these conditions.